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iOS5 iPhone 4s Features

What’s new with the iPhone 4s? A quick analysis of the new iPhone. A few months ago, I gave a bullet point write up of what we were to expect in the coming Autumn with the new “iOS iPhone 5”. Well first of all,  it isn’t an iPhone 5 as speculated BUT an improved version […]

Google Chrome VS Firefox

Google Chrome takes over Firefox. Chrome becomes the UK’s second most popular internet browser. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still keeps 1st place in the UK’s browser competition, as the default browser on all lap-tops other than Mac. But recent stats show that Google Chrome‘s growth rate mixed with Firefox’s decrease, has allowed Chrome to marginally swipe 2nd place […]


Converting Flash to HTML5 Google Swiffy produced in Google Labs converts Flash Files to HTML5 for mobile devices HTML5 has only recently started to surface in web development, taking a whole new leap by integrating multimedia within development coding, eliminating the need for Flash installations on mobile platforms (more of this can be found here). […]

The basics of Blogging

Take control of your online blog. Bitesized points to make Blogging work for your business. The output of consistent content increases interest and conversations with our audience. The percentage of unused blogs is massive at over 90%. This is due to the fact that we are all too busy to spend time talking about our […]

An easy guide to Google+, Google’s new social media platform. What is Google+? The giant of search engines has deployed their intentions of social media takeover. Google+ this week has begun to test its new social platform on a very few select people, beginning its task to overtake Facebook. If you haven’t noticed, Google has […]

Google has produced a new website called “What do you love?.com”. My impressions at present are that this creative space takes the headache away from searching. I could spend hours searching and mumbling through the millions of sites the Internet galaxy holds, and each planet I descend upon pushes more links on to me […]

The i-Phone Addiction. The latest iPhone5 News. What to expect on the iPhone 5 I have decided to write up a simple expectancy list for all you iPhone addicts to make knowledge on the subject easy to digest, due to the many long winded articles based on the new arrival. The new model available to […]

Ever needed to show a link to the latest post dynamically in the text editor in WordPress? Shortcodes are great little tools and easy to create, firstly you need to load up your themes functions page and add the following code. [sourcecode] function my_recent_posts_shortcode(){ $args=array( ‘post_type’=>’post’, ‘category_name’=>’news’, ‘max_num_pages’=>20, ‘posts_per_page’=>1 ); $wp_query = null; $wp_query = […]

Sometime when editing your custom WordPress theme you may want to list the latest posts and highlight the post when your on that post / page. This can be done by firstly setting up your CSS to style a link how you want it when its current [sourcecode language=”css”]#latest-news h2 a.current{ color:black;}[/sourcecode] Next you need […]


What is Firesheep? Key-Sheppard=Firesheep user. You haven’t got to be a genius to become hacker. As of autumn last year, a new creation has swept the Wi-Fi nation with a Firefox Plug-in called Firesheep, making social networking in open areas a vulnerable past time. There are millions of cookies floating throughout the internet, which store […]