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The Robotic Mastermind What is SEO and why do we need it? How does SEO work? The evolution of information searches is electrifying, and today there’s a multitude of conspicuous ways to find your specific search first time.  Search Engine Optimisation is a specialist subject, what i mean by that? Well businesses across the web […]

Twitter for business

Love it or hate it, Twitter could have an important part to play in networking your business. Despite being firmly in the glare of the media spotlight for the past 12 months it is easy to overlook the potential opportunity for networking and lead generation via Twitter, and as more and more of our client […]

Google Instant Results

Google Instant Website results Google will now show you real time search results while you type your query. The idea behind this is that people read faster than they can type, so in showing results earlier it may save you time. But before you go planning what your are going to do with all this […]

Google Goggles

Potential Face Recognition Technology for the worlds population! Taking pictures to surf the waves of online searching is now a thing of the present. A new magnitude of marketing, multiplying the mass revolution of promotional advertising by erasing the technical ability of typing information interests on mini computers-or so they are called by everyone else, […]