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Trashing flash? Beginning the insight into HTML5 and the effects it may have against Adobe Flash and Real Time. Will HTML replace Adobes Flash player? Coding is the beginning of the Internet, the naked skeleton left when stripping the clothes of a website. HTML is the bone and language of which the web speaks to […]

Jobs Vitae

The arrival of a new contract never fails to create a buzz around the Scotchegg office and throwing ourselves whole heartedly into any task big or small is just what we do, but every so often a new job comes along that pushes our capabilities both creatively and technically to a whole new level. Our […]

Social Species of the Website Jungle. An implemented, international Internet catwalk. The real blog of the many human life forms that roam this planet, updated second-ly with every bit of information known to mankind. A new species has been discovered evolving in our midst inside the World Wide Web. ‘Social Media’ has taken over the […]

iphone joystick design

Conceptual IPhone Joystick Design! There is no doubt this will be a big year for Apple with and the IPhone, with more network carriers now pushing the IPhone its going to be in more hands than ever before. With this will come more applications and of course more games. However the biggest issue with applications […]