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As Facebook takes on the world, it has become more customizable month by month, allowing those educated users to establish their brand within Facebook’s interface. Facebook pages are a free product for anyone and everyone who wishes to express themselves and communicate with others through a social programme. Why do you need a business page on Social […]

Zend Framework to Laravel

As a PHP Zend Engineer I’ve always used Zend framework for projects, it’s always just made sense to me but the latest iteration (Zend Framework 2) is a complete overhaul. The event based architecture and the various patterns it uses are truely awesome, however I find the configuration over convention way of thinking has been […]

Our short to the mobile project life-cycle Plan – Scope, Market Review, Objective Strategy, Proposition, Native, Web App, Map, Commercialise. Design – Concept, Content Composing, Wireframese, Visual Concepts. Define – Responsive, Cross Platform, Review, Improvement. Develop – Structure, Database, Functionality, Navigation, Experience, Content Management, In-App Purchases. Refine – Test, Review, Quality Assurance, Improve. Demonstrate – […]