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What it is? Digital Cities returned to Birmingham in its full glory to promote some inspiring events which underpin the latest transformation trends in the digital world, discuss challenges and explore a set of gold mine opportunities in the sector. BBC Academy announced the digital-focused week on 22nd February 2016 — less than a month […]

What makes local advertising local advertising? Simply, the fact it’s aimed at your locals. Concentrating effort on people living in a certain area is a winning move for new born businesses. If we try to approach all audiences at once, we’re at risk of applying a one size fits all when people really want to […]

Sorry! We might of pulled your leg today, in our attempt at been funny on a friday. If we got your hopes up, then before you go back to the gridlocked ring roads of Birmingham, here is the Simpsons Monorail song to cheer you all up. Happy April 1st 2016.