Digital Cities 2016 broke out a digital revolution

What it is?

Digital Cities returned to Birmingham in its full glory to promote some inspiring events which underpin the latest transformation trends in the digital world, discuss challenges and explore a set of gold mine opportunities in the sector.

BBC Academy announced the digital-focused week on 22nd February 2016 — less than a month before kick-off. Digital Cities took place in the week commencing 14th March and had something to offer to every attendee. Organised by BBC, Creative Skillset and other partners, the week featured a mixed programme of interactive workshops and masterclasses plus some business-like conferences.

Img cred - BBC Academy

Img cred – BBC Academy

The week comprised of keynote talks from gaming industry practitioners with sufficient experience in the digital industry. Designed to help businesses improve their digital presence and promote cross-sector cooperation, these events gave a big thumb’s up to the development of creative industries in Birmingham.


A review of the activities that happened during this week shows the agenda was vibrant and educative with a large dose of excitement.

March 14th March – Launch

It all started with a launch event at a sophisticated elite venue, namely The Mailbox, Birmingham.

Tues 15th March – Space Day

This particular day presented a robust insight into digital arts and technological advances in the field.

Wed 16th March – #ReThinkMedia Conference

Organised by Birmingham City University, this conference put a spotlight on developing new business tools to amplify audience engagement. In English – how to attract more customers through strategised content creation.

Thur 17th March – Skills Day: Survive the future

The BBC Academy offered an opportunity for visitors to get familiarized with digital storytelling, reaching the online audience and explore ways to stay ahead of the game on this highly competitive arena.

Fri 18th March – Gamification Day

Partnering with Innovation Birmingham, Creative Skillset organised a series of events going into the maze of the games industry, particularly discussing the power of gamification.

Sat & Sun 19th/20th March – Hack Weekend

Future Hackers aged under 19 joined Coding Brum for a weekend of app and web development and that is how it ended.

Why Birmingham?

What makes Birmingham the right spot for a digital innovation week like Digital Cities is the emerging adoption of digital strategies in many small and medium businesses locally/regionally. Furthermore, the city is undergoing some major renovating and development planning which speak volumes for its willingness to keep up with key trends in order to prosper and prove that it is worth the investment.

Img cred - Digital Birmingham

Img cred – Digital Birmingham

Pecha Kucha is on the way

Feeling sad you missed out on Digital Cities? Save your tears for later because there is more to come.

Following ReThink Media, Pecha Kucha is part of Flatpack Film Festival and will take on the lead with short interactive talks covering topics from refugees to innovative technology in theatre’s. Famous for its unique format of presentation (20slides x 20sec per slide), speakers will challenge stereotypical thinking in visual arts, outline the hurdles of producing an interactive theatre experience and many more, all as part of informal gatherings where creative people exchange ideas, thoughts, snaps from trips etc.

Img cred - Created in Birmingham

Img cred – Created in Birmingham

Join the next event on the 20th this month for a chance to enhance your understanding on top current issues and mingle with like-minded industry colleagues. We’ll be there!

Authored by Heaven.