Mobile Time

Building Apps for Business Development

We are living in an era of mobile time where everything is fast and to the point. Our society has always been consumer driven, but technologies evolvement – giving us the connectivity to do business no matter where we are – has increased our impatience and rate of consumption tenfold. Never before has it been more important than now for businesses to invest in the development of an application.

Businesses need to make every second of their online presence count and make their brand easily accessible anywhere at any time. Ensuring your site is responsive is fundamental with Google’s new SEO guidelines, but if your business depends on returning customers or has intricate internal operations that depend on management technology, owning a business app isn’t just incredibly important, its paramount.

There are millions of mobile apps in the market; there are thousands of app developers and app development businesses fighting to make those applications, but there has to be some measurement of technique/experience/factors that put a good business or set of developers higher than the rest. How will your business continue to survive after the honeymoon months of app launch?

Maximise your mobile potential

In order to maximise mobile potential, you must revel in features that have proven to be successful for applications from what’s already out there. The following do not only apply to businesses looking for more custom, but also act as a staple ingredient to improve the internal operations of any business;

Location based promotions, where the user has to check into a place to unlock deals, help users connect to you. An in-app reward system that treats the user depending on how often they use you encourages ongoing interaction and positive vibes.

Problem Solving
Business apps are most successful when they actually solve a problem, not hinder it. Make sure information is easy to digest and find, is a pleasure to use, is productive and makes the users life easier. Apps are magic, giving us the power to be winners and complete difficult or time consuming tasks instantly. Make sure your app is instant; make sure it is magic.

Social Friendly
It’s so annoying when an app doesn’t allow you to cross promote material through other apps on your phone or device. Great businesses are social and encourage human interaction. Even management apps can encompass this.

Be Your Audience
It’s so easy to forget to ask ‘What’s in it for my customer/employee?’ when your thinking about expanding or improving your business, but you should be asking this question through every stage of development. Create exclusive, experiential, rewarding opportunities that your audience would want.

The Basics
Apps should be simple to use. Make sure there’s one click purchasing, push notifications for new updates and sharing tools. If your app isn’t user friendly, it will get denied by the app store.

We develop apps for a range of purposes, sewing together the important functions for your end user with coding that creates intuitive usability. It’s important that you choose developers who aren’t locked behind a screen in the back end, and experience all areas of app development so that you get a well rounded team who can see the end product from all angles. Our team are just that, integrating the all important planning of user interaction with functionality that makes a positive difference to the lives of your end user.