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A great start-up for local businesses For those still unaware of this program, The Digital Garage is free online marketing training available online and as an in person support at pop-up training venues across the UK. In the West Midlands, Google has partnered with Birmingham Library to introduce one-to-one sessions for entrepreneurs eager to learn […]

A trip to Berlin

We’ve just got back from the very arty, very contemporary, very metropolitan city Berlin where we were attendees of the first Mobile Growth Europe, the Mobile Growth Fellowship’s (MGF) two day conference that marked the first time Facebook, Google and Twitter all keynoted at the same event. Specialising in User Acquisition, Monetisation, Engagement and Retention, […]

The Art of Distraction

Social Viral Marketing We have a few personal app projects in the pipeline and have just won a consulting contract with a rather new and exciting social education platform (more on that later), and in order to make something of these projects, we have to think about marketing. Marketing trends may seem like they are […]

Simplicity is the Ultimate Download We’re easy to please. Simple things please simple minds and all that. We like routine, similarity and habits. The minority of us like a constant change of scenery and want to hippy ourselves out of the hamster machine but generally, we want to feel comfortable and not have to think […]

Walking down the Highstreet, I noticed something that both surprised and tickled me. Why write a marketing slogan when you can tell a story through a group of tiny pictures? The fast food chain has managed to embody the ritual McDonald’s moments in a series of cartoon icons. This universal smiley movement has bypassed native […]

Marketing our brand We’ve been in web development now for over 10 years, but we have never really concentrated on marketing ourselves or what we do. We have a website, we have a mild presence on social media and we have a team of great developers. We have matured relationships with marketing and PR agencies […]

As Facebook takes on the world, it has become more customizable month by month, allowing those educated users to establish their brand within Facebook’s interface. Facebook pages are a free product for anyone and everyone who wishes to express themselves and communicate with others through a social programme. Why do you need a business page on Social […]

Google Places Set up your own Google Listing on Google Places and learn how it works best. Freebee for Peeps to shmooze from Google Google places, the trace list that fixes time wasting for relevant information finding. Now that businesses are filling the nations new school directory with their victory reviews, media views and gossip […]

Google Chrome VS Firefox

Google Chrome takes over Firefox. Chrome becomes the UK’s second most popular internet browser. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still keeps 1st place in the UK’s browser competition, as the default browser on all lap-tops other than Mac. But recent stats show that Google Chrome‘s growth rate mixed with Firefox’s decrease, has allowed Chrome to marginally swipe 2nd place […]

The basics of Blogging

Take control of your online blog. Bitesized points to make Blogging work for your business. The output of consistent content increases interest and conversations with our audience. The percentage of unused blogs is massive at over 90%. This is due to the fact that we are all too busy to spend time talking about our […]