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The Art of Distraction

Social Viral Marketing We have a few personal app projects in the pipeline and have just won a consulting contract with a rather new and exciting social education platform (more on that later), and in order to make something of these projects, we have to think about marketing. Marketing trends may seem like they are […]

The Future of Payment |The Launch of Apple Pay Apple Pay has launched in the UK, letting owners pay for items costing £20 or less with a simple kiss between iPhone6, 6+, Apple watch and payment terminals. The new platform has been developed to make purchasing more convenient, further entwining human-computer interaction. Using Apples passbook […]

Simplicity is the Ultimate Download We’re easy to please. Simple things please simple minds and all that. We like routine, similarity and habits. The minority of us like a constant change of scenery and want to hippy ourselves out of the hamster machine but generally, we want to feel comfortable and not have to think […]

The Internet of Things

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is to invest up to £10 million* in a single collaborative R&D project to demonstrate the capability of the Internet of Things (IoT). Next week, they’ll be briefing the city of Birmingham, and we’re going to be there to see what this new movement is all about. […]

iOS5 iPhone 4s Features

What’s new with the iPhone 4s? A quick analysis of the new iPhone. A few months ago, I gave a bullet point write up of what we were to expect in the coming Autumn with the new “iOS iPhone 5”. Well first of all,  it isn’t an iPhone 5 as speculated BUT an improved version […]

Jobs Vitae

The arrival of a new contract never fails to create a buzz around the Scotchegg office and throwing ourselves whole heartedly into any task big or small is just what we do, but every so often a new job comes along that pushes our capabilities both creatively and technically to a whole new level. Our […]