Custom Event Booking Systems

For a number of years now we have been working with event management company The Event Business developing all manner of event management websites for all manner of events including exhibitions, product launches, conferences, award ceremonies and experiential, immersive experiences.

Working with the likes of Land Rover, Jaguar, Rimmel and Goodwood Festival of Speed, The Event Business creates events that celebrate and elevate brands socially and commercially. Throughout the year they manage internal and external corporate events thanks to our bespoke online event booking management systems.


Bespoke Registration Forms

We develop these sites on a custom CMS framework that is flexible to suit multiple guest types and various events. Each site is designed specifically to suit a certain event, but the same framework is used with the ability to expand for more custom functions dependant on each events specific needs.

Functions include;

  • Search Registrations; ability to search through all bookings.
  • Bookings; add, remove, edit and manage all bookings.
  • Change Tracking; keeping track of all changes made to particular bookings.
  • CSV extraction; reporting and documenting all site data into downloadable, readable content.
  • Custom Content Management System; to update and manage all page content.
  • Client Reporting; reporting based on bookings made – data management.

If you’re looking for a bespoke booking system, need you look any further?