Facebook for Business, Products and Brand

As Facebook takes on the world, it has become more customizable month by month, allowing those educated users to establish their brand within Facebook’s interface. Facebook pages are a free product for anyone and everyone who wishes to express themselves and communicate with others through a social programme.

Why do you need a business page on Social Media?

Because nearly everyone is on Facebook doing the following things; asking for assistance, giving advice, researching products, organising events, making friends, networking for careers-goals-businesses, noting their likes and dislikes and in the process of all of that giving us the upper hand with an insightful (somewhat personal) look inside their brains. All those profiles have a detailed account surrounding the persons personality, what they do, where they live and what they like, with their wall acting as a diary of the individuals movement in, around and out of the world wide web. Its also poisoned our air streams and Televisions with its quirky little blue icon showing us how the world is now “Social”, and so we must move with the times!

How can you make your on-line business presence a successful one ?

Customise your businesses Facebook page by pulling in your own personalised content and plaster your business profile with your brand;what you do, where you do it, what you have done (with testimonials ext) and what makes you special and unique against competitors.

Create a business “Page” on Facebook

Choose the area your business comes under such as product, brand, company, artist, place, local business, organisation, entertainment ext. Facebook has created these areas to specify what category your new page fits in to help you with public searches and to help you connect with fans who we can change into clients through social conversion plans.

Create a bespoke welcome page.

Ensure your profile picture is relevant to your brand – many businesses use their logo or business slogan to form a comfort blanket for their visitors.

Develop a custom tab (A frame that allows you to pull your own content-whether it is images or text-from your main site to your Facebook page within Facebook) to give your entire welcome page a personal feel. In order to do this we need to get quite technical,

Implement a selection of images that will form a design aesthetic on the wall and info pages of your Facebook page (The top middle image boxes found on all Facebook pages). Choose 5 that will fit nicely into the space at the top of the screen and are in order to promote promotional graphics or images relative to you and your business purpose.

by Jim Nayak