Global Trade Show | Consumer and Electronics

On a little business trip in Germany’s capital, we visited IFA’s global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances to grab a peak at emerging trends, products and innovations in technology.


Lenovo seemed to take the limelight with the amount of products they had on show. From the YogaTab to the Phablet (yes the PHABlet) they had a lot of attention for their so called ground breaking products. The one product that did stand out to us was their Y-series computers, the technology brands step into high-level gaming PC’s.

Meeting the requisite speed boosts, the PC’s have more spark than what one would expect from Lenevo. Their IdeaPad Y700 laptop has the latest 6th Generation Core Intel processor, 4K touchscreen, R9 Graphics with loads of space and looks ready for gaming in slick black with red highlights. It was a sure indication that gaming is becoming ever stronger as brands invest in new products to tap into the growing industry.

Google Maps announced their spin off Street View app which aims to turn every mobile device into a Street View car. The app allows you to take spherical pictures and upload them to locations, giving people the power to determine what exists in any given location. You can either use your devices lens or hook up to a spherical camera such as Ricoh’s Theta Camera series, which was also announced as a new product during the trade-show. Nice timing! The app allows you to explore through locations once you have searched for any place in the world. You can then scroll through relative panoramas uploaded by other users and Google.

We have some music politics in our office. With so many creative brains and geeky hipsters, there are often intense sound clashes and discrepancies between tiny radio stations, hard metal rock through the Bose speakers, mellow trip-hop playlists and developers having a laugh adding the entire discography of Avril Lavine and the Ultimate Disney Soundtracks to joint playlists so we need a solution. Samsung announced their new 360-degree, wireless, multi-room speakers and we had to check them out as a possible office purchase. We were pretty impressed with their sound and overall aesthetic, sleek innovative in shape so sound is projected like a sound drop in the air, rippling out evenly meaning we would only need a couple to keep people happy. Controlled wireless-lu by app and not needing to be plugged in helps massively with wire issues. As far as we were concerned they are a sure fire winner, but they’re not ready till the end of the year meaning another few months of civil sound wars in the office.


The winner for us though was the new Star Wars toy, Sphero’s BB8. We loved it so much, we bought one as soon as we landed on home soil. BB-8 is the toy version of the ball shaped personality who will be introduced to us when the new Star Wars hits screens this December. The little droid connects to your mobile device, drives itself around, speaks to you and allows you to turn videos into Star Wars’ hologram messages. We have been waiting for this since the late 70’s!

It was a great show and we had loads of fun catching up with trends in technology. We’ve got loads of ideas now too so keep close to our movements as there maybe some app news soon.