Google Chrome VS Firefox

Google Chrome takes over Firefox.

Chrome becomes the UK’s second most popular internet browser.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still keeps 1st place in the UK’s browser competition, as the default browser on all lap-tops other than Mac. But recent stats show that Google Chrome‘s growth rate mixed with Firefox’s decrease, has allowed Chrome to marginally swipe 2nd place as the UK’s favourite web browser.  The stats also show Internet Explorer steadily loosing its grip on the top spot, and if its continuous downfall proceeds with Chrome’s continuous growth, Google Chrome will eventually become the number one browser for users globally.

Chromes browser market has grown around16% over the past 2 years, and continues to do so with a significant helping hand from Google’s entourage. Swiffy, Google+, the Chromebook, Google Android, WDYL, voice search, person finder, Google Galaxy tabs and the collection of mobile apps Google replenishes are all one huge advertising mogul connecting real time with the Internets fast forward, pushing Chrome past Firefox and towards Microsoft.

Its crazy evolution is looking to knock other sites into the abis as Google strives to keep up with Apple and Facebook, and with its clean interface and speed-even with add-ons and plugin’s- its easy for the everyday users following technology trends to follow; because Google is everywhere, its cool and therefore anything built be Google must be…hmmm.

The fact that Chrome is working to be completely HTML5 compliant (as it stands chrome 12 is 1st place in the HTML5 running-according to makes it the best browser for mobile, which is very appealing for techies and non-techies alike as our eyes turn into mobile screens and our business plans surround the mobile platform. Development and Internet design organisations all predominantly check work using Firefox and ie, due to their favouritism over other browsers, but now that Chrome is shining, web development teams will need to test with Chrome as it is now the 2nd favourite browser for UK nationals at least.

Is Chrome the browser for the future?