The Digital Garage from Google

A great start-up for local businesses

For those still unaware of this program, The Digital Garage is free online marketing training available online and as an in person support at pop-up training venues across the UK. In the West Midlands, Google has partnered with Birmingham Library to introduce one-to-one sessions for entrepreneurs eager to learn how to make the most out of digital resources.


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Subtle in approach, Google has not only managed to educate their audience through short and succinct tutorials but also tested the waters for self-promotion of key programmes such as Google Analytics and Google Console etc. Learning content on the website is deliberately divided into topics to create an organised learning plan designed to suit local businesses starting from scratch. If that’s your case, it won’t hurt to give it a go.

So what are the ‘digital ingredients’ for this successful recipe?

Video, spice and everything nice

Undoubtedly, video has become highly common in usage especially in online teaching and has even been integrated into some educational systems around the world. Many assume the future of education is investing in video because it builds this strong bridge between learning objectives and entertainment, provoking inquisitive minds to dig deeper. Plus, video is much more comprehensible than written content – the digital era we leave in proves that!

Google has acknowledged this valuable opportunity and tailored its learning material accordingly. Each video lesson is approximately 6 minutes long (some even 3 min!) giving the viewer flexibility and motivation to come back. Business people absorbed in their daily responsibilities have less available time and would consider this an advantage, watching the tutorials while doing something else in parallel.


Extracted from: Growth Engine Academy Tutorials

Extracted from: Growth Engine Academy Tutorials


Gamification and reward

Games date back from distant ages as demonstrated by many remnants of ancient game equipment. Today, online gamified content is supposed to serve as an engagement booster and immerse the player into the world of the particular brand. The purpose of the gamification approach is to intellectually stimulate the viewer, inspire them to reach a desired point in the game and eventually gain satisfaction from the accomplishment.

‘Flirting’ with this concept, The Digital Garage has adopted the captivating idea of gamification and transformed it into a learning-based plan and Certificate completion. - Individual learning plan – Individual learning plan


Before applying knowledge to practical endeavours, The Digital Garage ‘students’ need to follow self-learning objectives to gain the online certificate. In addition, the learning plan requires persistence and hard work in order for users to complete all the 89 lessons.

Moral of the story: One needs to learn how to manage their own timetable effectively before managing a whole business.

Ideal start up for small businesses, The Digital Garage gives a clear guide on how to map out all digital effort and move forward with confidence in today’s digital landscape.

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