Google Goggles

Potential Face Recognition Technology for the worlds population!

Taking pictures to surf the waves of online searching is now a thing of the present. A new magnitude of marketing, multiplying the mass revolution of promotional advertising by erasing the technical ability of typing information interests on mini computers-or so they are called by everyone else, your mobile phones, has been revolutionarily built into an application. Google Goggles has been born, its mother of images and its father of information combined technical forces and spawned this amazing app that allows fosterers (the many owners of androids and i-phones) to use photos to search the world wide web.

The image recognition technology acknowledges objects and then finds search results relevant to that shot. Landmarks, shop fronts, artwork, labels, bar codes, books, DVDs and logos can all be identified. If your socialising at business events, you can avoid collecting business cards, just take a picture of the business information, and its stored into your business device (for business folk). When baffled at waffle on a foreign wine bottle, Goggle will toggle that for you and hassle the net to translate it for you, which also applies to posh European menus-if in French, German, Spanish or Italian. It’s so clever it will even tackle that Sudoku puzzle for you (taking away the whole point of the game??:/), and promises to recognise three items at once.

But, after months of research (yeah right) I have come to realise the reviews on this app aren’t the best, and as always the descriptions don’t live up to expectations (which is slightly rare as a generalisation). Forced closes, image recognition struggles on most, translations pretty awesome, uses up phone battery, concepts really good, and there is room of improvement –obviously as it’s only crawling and working towards walking (and those where just the points reiterated on occurrence over many app forums).

Rumours immersed that Google were to push this concept further to facial recognition on phones from an interview between news reporters and Google reps-but protection of privacy are currently being worked on as they need to be put in place prior to this revolution. As they have already faltered with privacy when launching BUZZ and Google Street View, its prominent the purpose of privacy should be put first when prioritizing the evolution process for Goggles-perhaps. But the fight is on with Apple as rumours surface in coherence with Polar Rose (Swedish company based on digital content analysis) surrounding the idea that facial recognition will link with social media, and show information from individual’s itinerary on online profiles, relating to their image- iPhoto with integration with Facebook and Flickr users.

Apple has brought Polar Rose to comply and build some new invention relating to facial recognition??? Rumours galore on this floor of evolution, applying communicating in an upcoming online population as physically as possible without being physical? Come back when I know some more….:)