Google has produced a new website called “What do you love?.com”.

My impressions at present are that this creative space takes the headache away from searching. I could spend hours searching and mumbling through the millions of sites the Internet galaxy holds, and each planet I descend upon pushes more links on to me and I end up reading something only of slight relevance to what I was originally searching for in the process.  But this newbie puts everything in-sight for me with videos, events, mobile, products, images, patents, debates and blogs segregated into sections for us visitors to find exactly what we are looking for quickly.

What I like is short to the point creations made in easy to eat chunks.  I have to give it to Google that they do this exceptionally; you get a description of their products in a few sentences, not a mile of jargon. This is what you get on the welcome page of  Short descriptions of all elements related to your chosen subject, with multi-media, a cute heart button and easy to use design that’s clean and arty.

BUT ladies and gentlemen, I have a feeling this is a marketing ploy by the search engine giant. The page is split up into boxes, all holding information relating to the different areas of your “love search”. Your passion is pulled into all of Google’s products, with product names headering the different boxes.  Want to make a photo album of your “love search”? Use our Picassa. Want to measure popularity? Go to trends. Want to buy? Use our product search. Want to plan events for your “love Search”? Use our calendar….and so on and so on. Yawn.

Good idea to have everything in easy eyesight, as Google drowns what they think we want into their family of products. You can only share Google’s new breed of search on their own platforms like Plus 1, Buzz and Gmail, which means they are potentially marketing their products to themselves. Google must have some sort of short term memory loss to create a platform that only advertises themselves TO themselves, because I just don’t understand the lack of out sourced social media, do you?