How to set up a Google Business listing.

Google Places

Set up your own Google Listing on Google Places and learn how it works best.

Freebee for Peeps to shmooze from Google

Google places, the trace list that fixes time wasting for relevant information finding. Now that businesses are filling the nations new school directory with their victory reviews, media views and gossip news, Google has fused a muse into its search feud (with only YouTube as its secondary contender), by tapping their mapping system onto the front page search.

Business listings on Google will show potential clients your address, operation hours and even photos of your shop/products, when searching for local info. This short, sweet, snippet that specialises in simplifying insinuate specifics engages quick responses from an open audience, with a big red tag to point out a visual position, listing you prestigious-ness.


  • Set up a Google Account- with email to be shared with the business folk. Very simple if not someone who has one already, and then check into Google Places.
  • Claim your business- follow onscreen instructions- filing details. Think about search techniques. What are your target audience going to type into that search box to find you? What categories does your company fall under in order for you to get the best return?
  • Upload Images, Videos.
  • Await verification via mobile or letter/postcard, the old school definition to ensure the application is real.

Verification then leads to the consumption of powerful tools, which heighten your knowledge of progression levels. If you travel, you can show where you work, you can add notifications and customise categories and promote offers on-going or in coherence with your business. The place adds performance updates which document customer interaction with the listing, updating you with updates and e-letters.  It’s all there is the type on the net!

IMPORTANT!! Encourage your customers to post a review of your service on the listing, because the more reviews you have, the bigger following you have, the higher your ranking.

With the multitude of applications flying through cyber reality, Google Places is a serious a member of the advertising family!