Investing in high quality web development

Marketing our brand

We’ve been in web development now for over 10 years, but we have never really concentrated on marketing ourselves or what we do. We have a website, we have a mild presence on social media and we have a team of great developers. We have matured relationships with marketing and PR agencies and have designed websites for the likes of Neff and Lloyds, however we do not shout about it, spending most of our time building the internet dreams of others and thus not finding the time to invest marketing our brand full throttle.

Why? Because we’ve never needed to.

Scotchegg is built on strong relationships and word of mouth. From its very inception, we have grown and stretched to suit all manner of client with honesty and quality coding, producing really great websites and clients organically. This quality approach has taken up all our time, and if you’re spending all your time taking care of others, preening and improving them, educating them and collaborating with them, how do you find any time to look after yourself?

This is changing as we read and code. We have decided to run ourselves a nice hot bubble bath with candles and wine to clean up our act and present what we do, out on the tiles of the internet. As we embark on developing our very own digital products, we’ve made the decision to share the very passion that founded us in the first place; the potential of digital media and the evolvement of web design and development. It seems criminal that we don’t share our views on these subjects or how we evolve culturally in the rise of this medium.

Not only that, we have only just started to pay attention to our SERPS (Search Engine Rank Position) and we aren’t very happy about where we were featuring.

There are so many of us fighting our way on to the front page of a search engine that our competitors have climbed over us and hidden our web development services from view. One of the unwritten laws of the web is that your business should really be on the front page of any search engine in order to be regarded as high quality. We know we build immense apps and websites, but no-one else other than the ones we already have long term relationships with know that. The question we asked ourselves was this; how can we let people who need us know about our skills?


That’s right guys, some Search Engine Optimisation. We’ve improved the content on our site, targeted a selection of keywords and phrases and put together an ongoing content campaign championing digital culture, coding secrets of web design and development, business and online marketing.

Attending arts and culture events, coding marathons, digital lectures and exhibitions our team will bring you all the news and updates from this sector whilst giving you insights into the development of our own projects.
Concentrating on good content, we hope to bring you the rainbow of our industry to develop a strong and reputable brand for ourselves.

Follow us @scotchegg for updates and news. Email us on if you have any queries or would like a quote on your web project.