iphone joystick design

Conceptual IPhone Joystick Design!

There is no doubt this will be a big year for Apple with and the IPhone, with more network carriers now pushing the IPhone its going to be in more hands than ever before. With this will come more applications and of course more games. However the biggest issue with applications and more so with games at the moment are the restrictions in controls due to the lack of real push buttons. There are a few rumours of a new joystick coming, and even other concept designs out there that introduce ideas for a keypad to the IPhone.However they all seem to add considerable size to the case its self.

So I introduce my idea, simply encase the phone in a nice rubber shell with a DPAD and 2 (maybe more) buttons in the case. This touch sensitive dpad case operates like standard console control pads and feeds the info straight into the IPhone via the docking bay.

With this concept there is no added size, nothing is obscured from the viewable area of an the screen and the phone can be held horizontally to control the DPad and the 2 buttons. Whooa La!