iOS5 iPhone 4s Features

What’s new with the iPhone 4s?

A quick analysis of the new iPhone.

A few months ago, I gave a bullet point write up of what we were to expect in the coming Autumn with the new “iOS iPhone 5”. Well first of all,  it isn’t an iPhone 5 as speculated BUT an improved version of the iPhone 4 in the form of the 4S.

Here is a digestible sized list of iPhone 4s features;

  • As promised-the new iPhone does have an improved 8mp camera, that records video in 1080p HD AND lets you edit pictures.
  • A new chip-the A5 processor, used in the iPad 2, which makes the speed of launching apps, web browsing, graphic performance and overall navigation faster than that on the iPhone 4 (slightly). This additive will also improve the battery life, giving us more time to talk and listen-fingers crossed, battery life is dire on a slightly busy day with the 4.
  • The Retina Display on the new screen gives the phone a sharper resolution.
  • Twitter is integrated through the iPhone 4S. Signing into Twitter under settings allows the user to share anything on Safari, YouTube and camera.
  • The new iOS5 operating system is built into the new 4s(those who have stayed loyal to its predecessor will be glad that you can update your iPhone 4 to the iOS 5 operating system online). Its features include iMessage, Twitter, Newstand, Notification centre with update in gallery and messaging.
  • iCloud seamlessly pushes all your content from hand held to computer by storing and managing all your stuff in the..errm…cloud.(Another element from the ios5 operating system)
  • Hoorah! The antenna has been moved from its troublesome area on its processor- and shall hopefully work to avoid causing carnage through signal failures.
  • A voice recognition system has been implemented to make the new iPhone your PA, transforming your mobile phone into a supposedly helpful robot to allow handless networking. As expected, the system has been reviewed as working for some and not so with others, allot like all the other voice recognition systems. Its name is Siri and it types, calls, commands and reads for you in those situations you have no hands or just wish not to use them.(developers are working on making this available on the iPhone4, but will Apple allow Siri?
  • The new technologies also allow us to communicate and work at quicker paces across the globe. The dual band GSM and CDMA have improved the download speeds by double wherever your travel takes you-perhaps.

Well those are the majority of new features found on the new iPhone 4s, as answered to our expectancy list. And although it may not be a 5, Apple have improved many elements as perceived.

I am about to update my iPhone4 with the new iOS5 system and I hope it meets my expectations and improves the magic I already hold in the smart little thing. A personal analysis of new model will be featured in our blog as soon as we receive it in the post (they sent us the wrong colour last week, and so we wait even longer to test it out ourselves)