Jobs Vitae

The arrival of a new contract never fails to create a buzz around the Scotchegg office and throwing ourselves whole heartedly into any task big or small is just what we do, but every so often a new job comes along that pushes our capabilities both creatively and technically to a whole new level. Our biggest job to date for, provided such a case study for our ever growing portfolio.

The latest job board site looking to take on the gargantuan online presence of ‘Monster’ and the like, might sound like a development brief of epic proportions but the in house team at Scotchegg were more than  prepared to rise to the challenge. JobsVitae, required a custom-built management system that was more complex than anything that could have been accessed ‘off the shelf,’ quite simply, we were required to build the site from the grass roots up. As with any job site board we needed to come up with features that were not only at the cutting edge of technical innovation but also user friendly for both candidate and recruiter whilst remaining consistently sharp in design.

Basic features such as account creation for users were matched with private dashboards that enabled candidates to supervise their own applications, track the progress and status of them, edit their CV’s, and manage their interviews. Likewise for recruiters, the private dashboard provided the function to re order a candidate’s CV to suit their own uniform standards as well as harvest through the CV database singling out prospective candidates based upon designated ‘key words’ that matched the set criteria of the job. A pioneering CV and cover letter wizard added another element to the overall specification of the site, the technology behind which could be applied to any tool that requires the input of information.

We can adapt such dynamic data driven elements to suit any management system all of which can be tailored to respond to the needs of the client, which is just another reason why Scotchegg should be top of anyone’s list looking for Web Design and Development.