The basics of Blogging

Take control of your online blog.

Bitesized points to make Blogging work for your business.

The output of consistent content increases interest and conversations with our audience. The percentage of unused blogs is massive at over 90%. This is due to the fact that we are all too busy to spend time talking about our work to an audience we aren’t sure are listening. We have the perception that blogging is going to generate us a huge amount of leads because social media and digital marketing tells us so, and they are right. It isn’t going to happen over night or in the next month or so (unless you’re lucky) as it takes time.

What and who to consider when writing for your blog

Think of your blog as a rose bush. It needs to look beautiful to entice your reader, without showcasing how you prune it.  The content needs to be as relevant as possible to our READERS not to ourselves, just because we like the information we are implementing into our blogs doesn’t mean our readers are going to.

It needs to be interesting, don’t just involve information based on in depth analogies of how your business works or the technology jargon that quite simply is…well… pretty boring. Think about other passions your readers hold, the music they listen to, the kind of places they like to relax, what events do they go to, the role they upkeep in society, what drives them to read content-are they stress heads who want stress free answers to make their life easier? Are they too busy and want answers to save time? Are they teenagers who like pictures instead of text? Are they the owners of blue chip organisations or are they working to please that guy? Once you have analysed your target audience, your blog content will be easier to upkeep due to your knowledge of what your readers like to read, which will now be your blog.

Include links to relevant sites your readers would like to visit which provide multi-media such as images, events and videos that are relevant to your business, and get other sites linking back to your page. If another site recommends you, you must be good at your job right? Video is interesting and works by breaking up text with movement, as long as it holds an interesting concept relating to your business and your potential customers.

Portray to your readers how influential you are to your industry: if you’re up to date with all the latest news relating to your business, it shows your audience how professional and passionate you are. Showcasing the work you’ve done with clients through testimonials and diary style blogging gives your readers/potential clients a bite sized insight into the way you run your business. We don’t have to write page upon page of content or 1000 word articles every few days, but we do have to communicate with our followers to excel word of mouth and gather broader brand awareness on a regular basis.

All these elements give us a structure to work on and through. Putting the client and readers first is THE most important thing when blogging and it works if it’s regular and on-going. It could take up to a year to see an increase in income from online clients, because we have to build a wall of trust with our internet readers and research our whole online client base. With the digital switch in a hurry to commence, and many businesses turning to online marketing strategies and mobile platforms, it’s in our best interests to keep on top of our blogs by taking that positive step into the ever expanding internet.