A trip to Berlin

We’ve just got back from the very arty, very contemporary, very metropolitan city Berlin where we were attendees of the first Mobile Growth Europe, the Mobile Growth Fellowship’s (MGF) two day conference that marked the first time Facebook, Google and Twitter all keynoted at the same event.


Specialising in User Acquisition, Monetisation, Engagement and Retention, the intensive two day conference hosted a series of talks to help attendees connect, learn and develop their mobile growth roadmap (basically planning to improve how you perform and harness clients online on mobile).

As a company, we have been moving more and more towards app development for many reasons. The obvious reasons are that mobile search volume and mobile usage is increasing by the minute with internet connectivity becoming more reliable and ubiquitous. But there’s more to it than that. When you have built an app and successfully put it on the shelf in the App Store, it feels like you have created a physical, tangible product, and this makes it so much more exciting.

Keynotes that stood out

Monetisation Strategies for Apps lead by Facebook’s Head of Audience Network Akin Babayigit. The session looked at how best to use Facebook’s tools to monetise your apps. The tone of the talk was powered by the idea of ‘putting people first’ with Babayigit touching on anonymous login, suggesting the notion would get users to trust FB and thus get users on board with apps that integrate with the network. There were a few announcements too which included Facebook’s new analytic’s platform for apps, a product that allows you to review the journey users take through your app and spot drop off points so you can build better experiences for them as well as viewing user demographics’ and measure your Facebook campaigns.

Understand, Engage and Activate Today’s Customer hosted by Appboys own Myles Kleeger. Myles talked about the importance of content and discussed multivariate testing that tracks every element of your content from its wording through to the aesthetics of its delivery, multi channel messaging (targeted push notifications and personalised messaging), multi-click tracking in email campaigns and very insightfully covered conditional logic, one of AppBoy’s personalisation features that enables you to run campaigns that dynamically pull in attributes from user profiles.

Branch Metrics short talk How to Grow Faster with Deep Linking which showed how best to use deep linking in applications. The brief encounter told us how indexing app content could include the app or its content in search results in the near future and if used in the right now, deep-linking in apps improves the users experience, giving them access to deeper pages in the app from initial content pages rather than them having to scour through the apps menu to find what they are looking for or find what you want to sell them.

The Secret Sauce of App Stores ran by the Managing Director of Blue Lion Mobile gave insight into how best to adhere to ASO (App Store Optimisation) and increase the organic growth of your app so it features in the search results.

It was an incredibly busy two days but we did manage to break away for an after-session brainstorm cocktail at the rather quirky Das Hotel.