Real-Time Vehicle Delivery App

MiVIS from DMN Logistics is a real time delivery app for professional drivers to aid the collection and appraisal of motor vehicles (used by drivers authorised by DMN Logistics).

Developed to replace time-consuming paperwork and an over-worked postal system, the app increases communication between drivers and office departments by enabling couriers, vehicle inspectors and professional drivers to seamlessly complete a vehicle collection and delivery without needing to write and file a traditional Vehicle Inspection Report.

Images of the vehicle and all receipts can be added to a job within the app and submitted electronically meaning no more delays with the post, no more lost or missing receipts and valuable feedback on the status of completed jobs. By using the app, drivers are able to see where in the admin process their job is, know when it has been passed for payment, and have the option to submit any queries about the job electronically.

App Features

  • In app incentives; drivers qualify for increased payment per vehicle delivered
  • GEO-location tagging
  • Vehicle inspections; for unequivocal evidence of vehicle conditions
  • Job listings; current jobs and completed jobs
  • In app photo’s

****User / Device tracking*****
The MiVIS application does not allow DMN Logistics or any of its employees to track the movement of any user. The application will collect static co-ordinates at six points during the process of completing a vehicle movement, this occurs when you progress the job at the following stages :
On way to collection
Arrived at collection
Inspection Complete
On way to delivery
Arrived at delivery
Delivery Complete
These occurrences will be displayed to the user at the time that they are captured.