Back The Lads

Football Clubs have rightly been cautious in using social media to represent their brand and connect the commercial aspect of the club to their fan-base. How can a football club protect its brand image in an online world which gives a voice and platform on your account pages , feeds and comments to those who do not represent the football clubs interests. While all premier league clubs are now on twitter with a club account, the same cannot be said of clubs most valuable assets, the players.

Players are of course on twitter running their own accounts either independently or under club guidance and management. But the control and monetisation of a players fanbase is limited and player tweets uncontrolled and subject to abuse.

BacktheLads is a new social media platform built to protect targeted footballers through our patented reputation management tool. The community and their interactions are self moderated, with all comments cleaned, filtered or removed before been shown to the football players screen and prioritized using a unique ranking formula.