Solitare Mobile App

We produce our mobile applications for agencies who utilise scotchegg for development skills, but then brand and promote their applications themselves. As such we recently explored the idea of developing a solitaire game for a marking company who then dropped the idea for something else, however we decided we wanted to make the game anyway! So scotchegg developed a mobile solitaire application using JQuery Mobile libraries and PhoneGap, which aimed to emulate the well know PC based game of solitaire closely. The aim was to showcase our talent for building interesting, interactive mobile applications and also to demonstrate the development of a recreational application.

A game that uses complex logic to determine the correct moves and cards system, with pattern matching, random shuffling and subtle effects, the game delivers a clean experience. To build this application, we again utilised our wealth of known web technologies to implement a HTML 5 and Javascript game engine to power the logic of the application, then deploying and working with Phone Gap to develop this further for the android handset markets.

We also added a feature to allow users to take a picture in the application and apply this to the board background, so allowing a little customisation to the experience.

The application is available via the android market place soon to be released on the IPhone market place.

You can grab this game from the Android store today, or if your on your phone now click here.