Visualising Brands as Digital Organisms

Getting to know your idea

Our team step into your idea to visualize it as a digital organism. Through a series of relaxed meetings and open discussions with team members from all roles, we not only become your idea, but look at it from all angles of your audiences perspective.

Understanding the industry

We cannot possibly design and develop the most effective solution for your project without identifying whats already out there. Everything from the aesthetics to how competitors or similar projects operate will influence the direction of your idea for the better.

It doesn’t stop there though, defining the technology and frameworks that will suit your project requires some groundwork. The overall interaction between your site and users is influenced by the smaller technical details and browsing functions. Scratching the surface of user friendly sites, we can decide what works, what doesn’t and how can we improve it.

Forecasting time and money

Now we are fully aquianted with your idea and market, we know what we need to apply to get it built. Our proposals work as a concise guide for your project by presenting an overview of the technology required to make each element work. A transparent break down of time and costs then provides you with deeper clarification of what you can get for your money from an expert web development team.

Your technical guarantee

Think of this as the back end business plan of your digital project. If you are building something that is a bit more substantial than a 4-5 page website, we encourage the creation of a functional specification to equip you and ourselves with a full understanding of every nut and bolt of your project. 

Every single page of your project is sketched out (wire-framed) with accompanying notes that include the technical and functional journey of your end users and digital administrators.

Digital Aesthetics

One of the biggest reasons for poor user interaction with an app or website is bad design and poor navigation.

The speed in which we receive content has made us an impatient race. If a site is full of content widgets, has a million pages in the menu, uses poor imagery and is fluffy in its content, we are not going to stay there for very long. Website design is not a one size fits all anymore, we have to consider the multiple screen sizes of technology in order to fully engage with all user types.

Building for a growing family

Our focal point is accessibility. Working directly with digital visual artists, we ensure web designs are created to support current online trends and search behavior so that your website is smooth in operation, direct in its navigation and fluent in content delivery.

Analysis of usability

We test the way site users navigate through the site throughout the entirety of the development, stage by stage. Allocating a couple of weeks throughout the project gives us extra time to allow for focus group testing so that your target audience gets to feedback and improve the functionality of your project.

We provide companies with comprehensive support throughout the development and launch of a web product; be it a website or a mobile application, and continue to support them through the action of the systems. All support services are created to suit projects on a personal level as a one-size-fits all contract does not suffice when applied to the complex development of a web application and its purpose.

Our customers know they can rely on us providing technical assistance, even if the support is for a system that wasn’t developed by us, because everyone of our experts has direct communication with the client for complete transparency of service. We are not the middle men in any equation, which is why we believe in full frontal, to the point, active support that is clear and concise.