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What to expect on the iPhone 5

I have decided to write up a simple expectancy list for all you iPhone addicts to make knowledge on the subject easy to digest, due to the many long winded articles based on the new arrival. The new model available to us sometime in (now they say) October, will very possibly involve the following features;

  • A more advanced camera that will be 8mp, even though there are phones out there with 12.
  • A stronger chip-A5 processor- a system on a chip expected to power the next generation of Apple Smartness, up to 9 times more powerful than its younger self (A4)
  • A higher resolution screen that will be bigger than its predecessor
  • Highly integrated with Twitter so that practically everything you do can be shared with your followers from apps through to the calendar and everything else stored on your iPhone.
  • iOS 5 operating system automatically finding iTunes in Wi-Fi areas to sync and back up our apps
  • iMessage – the ability to chat on a platform similar to Blackberry messenger
  • Secure end to end encryption to keep your details secure
  • Newsstand feature- automatically updating your background image with the latest magazine or newspaper content you’ve subscribed to.
  • Reminders- Simple to-do list function that reminds you on time, date and location
  • I-Cloud- Seamless integration with all your apps to constantly keep all your information like mail, music, contacts, calendars, apps, books and media synced across all devices.
  • Metal back to avoid antenna problems that came up when the iPhone 4 was released
  • Feature to enable wireless updates, without going anywhere near a P.C
  • Near Field Communications chip to allow wireless payments
  • RSS style reading list allowing you to save articles you’d like to read later.
  • Social networking game centre-post a profile picture, meet new friends based on the games you play, evaluate potential opponents based on an overall achievements score, make game choices and purchase them directly from within Game Center all through your phone through social network apps.
  • Video mirroring allowing you to stream you’re video to an Apple T.V

So the iPhone 5 will practically be the iPad in a smaller hand held version.

Please leave comments to state what else you would like on the new iPhone. Personally, I would like there to be some sort of system where the phone can actually talk to me, with a touch screen umberella for updates in the rain. Then its almost everything you could ever want in a thing. Any suggestions?