What Is Google+ / Google Plus?

An easy guide to Google+, Google’s new social media platform.

What is Google+?

The giant of search engines has deployed their intentions of social media takeover. Google+ this week has begun to test its new social platform on a very few select people, beginning its task to overtake Facebook.

If you haven’t noticed, Google has been pulling ALOT out of its bag lately, with the arrival of wdyl.com(click to find out more) and Swiffy and a complete redesign of its navigation bar that’s clean to get ready for Googles mission to take over the world.

The site will differentiate itself from Facebook by creating a network where you can market your information to only your select circle of friends/followers called quite simply a “Circle”.  This element will allow you to keep social circles separate from others just like we do in real life, meaning we will have a work circle, friend circle and family circles or whatever circles you want to segregate your entire circle into. The added extra Huddle, whose purpose is to provide a group messaging service, lets everyone inside that circle know what’s going on. So no-one is going to be missed out when you go to see the latest movie.

The system is built in HTML5, making it easily accessible on devices incompatible with Flash and top of the range browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox, which will also make the site fun to travel through. Of course Google+ will also be available for download via app.

The social platform will also incorporate a group chat feature allowing circles of people to hang out online via web cams called “Hangouts” (an online video chatroom). There will also be a section where you can edit your multi-media files on the site.

Google-Sparks will be another element that collects content such as videos, pictures and articles grouped together by interest, and store it all under the interest’s topic (all content related to “Web Development” will be listed under this topic).

How do I get a Google+ account?

At present, the topic is a private affair and you have to wait for an invite in order to join Google+, But if you leave your email address with them, you should be one of the first to know when they are ready to invite more people (as stated on the holding page).

What are your thoughts?