What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication with a Really Simple Explaination

Forget about manually bookmarking pages of sites and wasting time sifting through page upon page of favourites you’ve saved on your browser, because technology is on our side to make our lives even easier as always. Really Simple Syndication (AKA RSS) is technology that keeps web users up to date with their favourite sites consistent updates- all in one place.

It’s revolutionised the bookmarking methodology- when you have to search through your saves to find your bookmarks, leading to the potential loss of information when sites that don’t update very often have the same info. It also makes it quite complicated to track many websites at once. Low and behold the creation of RSS, and even though it has been around for a while some of you still may not be in the click of things. It follows your favourite sites and uploads their updates to your reader, with an easy to read system that allows you to view your variety in one place. It highlights the relevant, up to date information so you can read in your own time, subscribing you to your personalised online magazine.

How to get started

Software is needed to read RSS feeds such as News Aggregator or Feed Reader, roping feeds from your collective of sites and displaying them for your use can be downloaded. Amphetadesk, NewsGator and Feedreader, are all systems built to read RSS feeds, with popular web-based readers such as My Yahoo, Bloglines and Google Reader taking the lead.

Websites syndicating content display a small icon on their page or/and in the URL address bar which is that little orange box with three signal bars on it, although site links can take a range of forms, the majority state it’s a RSS feed link-so they’re pretty easy to find. Just click the link on a site you wish to follow, and you’r on your way to favourite heaven. Subscribed feeds will begin to be filtered through your RSS Reader and you can begin to read when you wish to read.

If all of this is flying over your head you can still subscribe to sites via email, where all updates are sent to your inbox.