What we do

Designing no-nonsense websites that are indulgent and welcoming

With a strong team of digital visual artists, we understand your website aesthetics must represent your brand as a trustworthy source. A good first impression is key when it comes to decision making, which is why the layout, functionality and look of your website must make an impact. In order to make an impact, your site should be designed to present content in compelling ways.

What are your users thinking?

Online habits aren’t the same as offline habits. Online, people want information fast. Web users scan through information waiting for buzz words and sentences to jump out at them from the web page because they don’t want to waste their time reading through streams of text, which is why it’s important that your credibility is a focal point through quality web design.

Building strong online frameworks through accomplished coding

The functionality and technical ability of your website is dependent on the quality of development. Our focal point is accessibility. Working directly with digital visual artists>, we ensure web designs are created to support current online trends and search behavior so that your website is smooth in operation, direct in its navigation and fluent in content delivery.

In order to successfully achieve this smooth, direct and fluent movement, our team of website developers concentrate their efforts on building strong frameworks that advance user experience through a knowledge impelled work ethic; keeping up to date with the advancement of technology and shifting code patterns to build you a website that is fully compatible with your brands requirements.

Whether you need a WordPress Sales driven website or a powerful project managed application development with frameworks like Laravel , we have all the skills in house and never outsourced.

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Responsive sites that move like water

There has been a huge shift in the way we consume online information. Now that mobile technology has advanced, we spend a lot of our time researching, reading, playing and working on our phones. Smart phones have become our knowledge source for products, services, locations, events and entertainment, making them a hand held shop front and social companion.

Now that browsing is no longer stationary, it’s imperative to optimise the presentation and content delivery of your website for mobile consumption. Tablets, smart phones and feather light notebooks have taken over in technology, but they all have different screen sizes and a traditionally designed website hasn’t been optimised or developed to suit the varying sizes of devices.

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Intuitive hand held experiences

As devices become smarter, they are essential to our daily functionality as human beings. This makes mobile applications constitutive. They are elementary when applied to the experiential lifestyle and must be intuitive when directed by the delicacy of our fingertips.

With uses including entertainment, social networking, retail, business and play, the application market has developed into a personal requirement in itself. There  isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ prophecy in the digital world as screen sizes vary more often than the variety of operating systems, which is why we develop with flexibility in mind.

Mobile applications put control into the hands of the customer, giving them the authority to dictate how they interact with a brand. As people become more intimate with their mobile applications, impeccable development and design is needed in order to successfully advocate influence upon your target markets.

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Alternatively how we can use web HTML to produce mobile applications.

“A copywriter should have an understanding of people, an insight into them, a sympathy toward them.” –George Gribbin

Literature is the focal point in any image, website or application. If it isn’t clear or original, your readers will just glaze over and continue browsing untill they find something that is engaging enough to distract their attention. We have to look at it and nurture it like an art form.

Our writer is a Poet Laureate Finalist who is intrigued by the way we consume information online. As a performance writer, she has teamed up with the mac Birmingham, Apples and Snakes and Writing West Midlands but as a digital author, she has worked with us for almost four years producing inventive work.

How to improve your presence through a professional web author.

Easy eCommerce. Search, Select and Spend

We see the online market place as a catwalk that gives all commercial models the opportunity to set trends. With social platforms / Social Commerce implementing shop culture in an online communal environment, and mCommerce bringing purchasing to mobiles, shopping has moved into reviews, testimonials, experiences and social acceptance.

The online marketing place is a fundamental element for all businesses, making the presentation, functionality and user experience of your online shop an incredibly important support system for your brand and its services / products.

We offer development and support solutions for both medium to larger business’s with Magento eCommerce, or alternatively smaller startups may prefer a wordpress eCommerce solution.