Responsive Website Design

The Mobile First Response

There has been a huge shift in the way we consume online information. Now that mobile technology has advanced, we spend a lot of our time researching, reading, playing and working on our phones. Smart phones have become our knowledge source for products, services, locations, events and entertainment, making them a hand held shop front and social companion.

Now that browsing is no longer stationary, it’s imperative to optimise the presentation and content delivery of your website for mobile consumption. Tablets, smart phones and feather light notebooks have taken over in technology, but they all have different screen sizes and a traditionally designed website hasn’t been optimised or developed to suit the varying sizes of devices.

By adapting the design and functionality of your website, you can create unique online environments by cleverly positioning content in a way that co-ordinates to fit numerous screen dimensions and resolutions. By using flexible grids and fluid images that can shrink and expand, slimming content columns and disappearing side bar widgets, websites become adaptive in their design. These seamless transitions do not sacrifice the core content, whether that is imagery, multi media or text, and give your end user an easy to use interface on any device they look at.
For example, if the wireframe of your sites design was based on a three column width on a desktop, a tablet would be two columns and a smart phone would be one. Either the columns would file beneath each other, resize or would disappear altogether to promote the most significant content dependant on the device.

Optimising your website for use on a range of devices and systems is imperative for a successful performance and can be completed through web applications, responsive website design and development or the specific creation of a mobile application.
If you would like to chat further about the services we provide for responsive website design and development, we would love to hear from you.