Developing applications with great interactive experiences

You can approach the development of an app in two ways. You can either build for a specific operating system (Native App Development) or build a web app that can pour itself into any device (Hybrid/Web Apps).

Native app development uses a particular devices own functions and tool-sets, allowing you to build an app to specifically suit a particular operating system such as iOS or Android. This method produces a familiar product for the user and the developer that is seamless, but only really noticeable if you are building a high powered application that uses gaming technology or variety of large media files.

A Web App can try to do this, but generally uses its own set of functions to build an application that suits more than one operating system, making the app available on a variety of devices producing a cross platform mobile app. Although it is trickier to update an app that works across all devices because each operating system evolves individually, and not as one unit, you can still create seamless, beautiful applications for more than one device a little bit faster than building natively.

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