HTML5 Mobile development

A Scotchegg approach to mobile application development

Our approach to mobile app development is one which uses long established technologies. We use a HTML5 mobile framework such as Sencha Touch, Jquery Mobile or JqTouch, which allows us to develop quickly and have a mobile optimised web app as a first step. Once we have a mobile web application and testing has been completed on the target devices we can then branch the application to fit various mobile platforms.

We then use a mobile application compiler to embed the HTML5 code-base into a package for a target device e.g. Android, iOS, blackberry or Windows 7, along with any bespoke device dependant wrappers and modules. One such framework is Phone gap (now an Adobe product) which uses various API’s which expose events and actions to our application for us to take control of the device.


Once an application has been packaged for its target device Operating System the application is tested and when the testing phase is complete the application is deployed to an app store.

Benefits of this approach

This approach allows for the same code-base to be used for multiple devices as well as applications for Facebook and the Internet. Therefore it is not necessary to develop a web application version alongside several versions for mobile and another version for Facebook.

Using this method of testing and improving applications is easier as implementation issues can be solved once and then recompiled as opposed to testing for completely separate code-bases, and allows us to utilise all our years experience in developing using web based technologies by applying this to the mobile application market.

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