Developing for iOS and Android

Building a solution within a bespoke framework creates a more fluid environment for users. Instead of developing a one-size-fits-all system, we build specifically within the limitations of a particular operating system for a tailored high end product.

iOS : iPhone Application Development

Since its launch, the iPhone has dominated the smart phone market, and is still deemed by many as the top dog in the mobile world. Although Android users are continually growing, the iPhone is still in the top three favorites around the world.

Developing applications to suit a specific operating system can have its benefits. Apple is a closed platform (it isn’t accessible from non-Apple devices) which means we write code for a limited number of devices making development and testing that little bit quicker and smoother in functionality.

Apple has also made it possible to develop in-house apps that are only accessible for a dedicated audience. This means we are able to design and build your business app for iPhone and iPad and then integrate this with your existing systems for employee use without the need to submit to the App Store or the wider world.

Using website tools, our in house team can produce iPhone apps to complement its starry graphics and multimedia features. Out technology utilizes the user interface for swift functionality in a limited screen area.

Android Mobile Application Development

Developing for Android’s various devices and platforms requires an experienced team who are well versed in usability and functionality trends. Android developers must be experts in Java programming and up to date with HTML5 and CSS with practiced knowledge of JQuery libraries for an application that is smooth in its operation and efficient in process.

The past few years have seen Android devices progress and progress. Their adventurous hardware specifications and user orientated features have impressed digital and social communities, thus placing the Android operating system as the highest contender against iOS.

Positioned comfortably as part of the Open Handset Alliance and open standards (a developer lead conglomerate of digital brands such as Sony, Dell, Intell, HTC, Google and Samsung establishing the first open standards for mobile devices) Android application development is a proven diverse and customizable platform that leads into bespoke application development competitor platforms find difficult to accommodate.

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