Content Campaigns

The core of good marketing is engaging content that educates the reader. To attract and convert leads into clients, we should compose and share copy related to our service or products to show that we know what we are talking about. People want to do business with those who show an interest in what they do, and if content is full of knowledge, they will trust you.

Why is content so important?

Our in-house content planner is well versed in prose and content management. The reader should influence the context in the same way your services will influence their brand, because we are not trying to convince ourselves that we can do the job, we are trying to evoke them. Your content has to be stimulating and speak with an authoritative tone that is educated in its industry, but not mind bogglingly so.

Our leading web copywriter has been shortlisted for Birmingham Poet Laureate for the past two years, was Glastonbury Slam Finalist and has performed her poetry at almost every festival in the UK. Working with scotchegg for over 3 years, she is also educated in website technology and social media making her a strong web writer.

The internet is full of people shouting about the same things, and attracting audiences is a difficult task. Our approach to web copy and content marketing is unique. We layer content with sophistication by presenting you as an industry expert through multiple platforms with one connected voice.

The layers of a successful content strategy;

  1. Reading – Analysing online successors in your industry and reading the material your clients are reading.
  2. SEO Cross integrating SEO with content planning for strong written work.
  3. Web Content Personalising pages to creatively interpret key performance services for clients .
  4. Blogging – Designing pieces that are socially influenced and industry inspired with deep linking relevance to key performance pages.
  5. Press Releases Turning your brand into a person who speaks to entice target markets by talking about their trends.