User Interaction and User Experience

Maximizing the way we interact and engage with digital technology

UI  harnesses visual design, good code (information architecture) and user interaction together and looks at how each of these components communicate with one another to create seamless experiences for users. This is the skin of technology, the graphic design that influences the way we interact with it.

UX  is the muscle underneath the skin of a website or mobile application. The invisible talk that makes what we click and slide function to give us the information we need. UX design encompasses all the interactions between a company and its customers virtually. Think of it as the blueprint of a building, with UI being the brick and windows.

By anticipating what users might need to do, good UI and UX ensures that the interface of tech (in our world, websites and mobile applications) makes the core elements of functionality easy to understand, making the facilitation of those needs easy to complete.

You cant just design a site based on whats already out there in your field. Your investing in your brands ability to find and appeal to potential leads, give them what they need and turn them into valuable customers. The users journey from first visit right through to your target pages has to be an intuitive and memorable experience, otherwise you will lose your lead earlier than you deserve.

Our web developers work closely with our UI designers to produce websites and applications with simple and inventive digital interfaces. To do this efficiently, we take the following into serious consideration;