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Confused and need some advice?

Internet technology is like the universe; once you read one paragraph about it, there’s a vocabulary of words that need a good Google. Getting your head around the terminology and how it all connects to project your website or application can make it very difficult to understand what your best options are and how much it is all worth. We know that it can be a scary subject. We also know that there are a lot of cowboy web developers out there spitting jargon to make you think they have all the answers.

There are so many options and frameworks available to suit all manner of project scopes, its defining what’s appropriate for the audience of the business and the content managers of the project that will direct the best option for your website or mobile application.

Asking the following questions;

–          How will people engage with it?

–          What is its purpose?

–          Why do we need it?

–          Who is it for?

–          Where is it going; where does it work?

We can map out and explain the languages of code alongside what open source frameworks are compatible to get your project networking off the ground.

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