Internet software development

Engineering Online Enterprise Solutions.

To achieve high efficiency within a business, companies must take advantage of modern technologies to enhance communications and working processes.
Scotchegg have an invested interest in evolving support solutions that complement the growth of business. We see it as a duty and enjoy making life more adaptable to create environments that respond to the advancing world.

We develop web based and standalone software in the following industries;

Using the following technologies, our systems are dynamic and built to optimise our internal operations and client services.

HTML, CSS, ASP, ASP.NET, Various SQL based technologies, PHP , Java and C and C++

Working with the likes of Llyods Banking Group, Subrosa Group and Barker Brettell, we respect the complexity of security and compliance of policies when implementing back end technologies. Our systems are both robust and secure to keep data safe.

Maintenance and Support

We provide companies with comprehensive support throughout the development and launch of a web product, and continue to support them through the action of the systems. All support services are created to suit projects on a personal level as a one-size-fits all contract does not suffice when applied to the complex development of a web application and its purpose.

Our customers know they can rely on us providing technical assistance, even if the support is for a system that wasn’t developed by us, because everyone of our experts has direct communication with the client for complete transparency of service. We are not the middle men in any equation, which is why we believe in full frontal, to the point, active support that is clear and concise.