Laravel Development

PHPs beautiful Laravel Framework

Not all websites are sales , brochure and information lead. We often build complex tailored website applications that handle data and critical business functionality.

For example Jobsite boards, customer information portals and as a case example our custom Restaurant Menu designer application switchCart.

To do this using tools such as WordPress or other open source CMS’s are not really suitable,, while they do come with a degree of out the box functionality( logins, auth and structure) they are not well lead towards expansion and design in an application sense, instead they are geared to towards your sales features sites with page editing, blogging, seo and image handling alone.
This is when we turn to a powerful PHP framework such as Laravel.

With Laravel ( I will try not to confuse non technical clients here!) we simply no longer reinvent the wheel when making components of your website. It is based on the familiar MVC structure to keep everything where it should be, it prevents messy personal MySQL statements all over your code files with its eloquent handling of queries. We have a package system in composer to allow easy dependency management, an intuitive routing system, an easy secure Authentication module and a built in email sending tool. Sound Good?! If its over your head please do not worry, we know what it all means and were using it all to build your website application properly, securely,efficient , modular and future proof.

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