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We love developing on WordPress, and you will love your WordPress powered website!

WordPress is an open-source software solution which presents us a solid base platform for any commercial or personal website project. It is built on PHP and MySQL technologies which then allows us to customise the inner mechanisms and site aesthetics to work for your exact website needs and requirements.

With our development skills in WordPress we can  give your website project a Content Managed System for your web content in a cost effective and time saving manor over building the entire site from the ground up. We will customise WordPress features and modules to suit your requirements and build your website design on top of the WordPress engine to create for you a bespoke website design unique to your own business and branding.

Why develop on WordPress?

Content Management System

With WordPress you can update your page content, images , events news and blogging content yourself as often as you wish without incurring additional development costs. We can of course support you and add improvements, but the core updates can all be done by yourself without our intervention (unless needed of course ).

User Friendly

Our favourite feature of WordPress has to be the user friendly admin and back end user systems. When you use it you will see how easy it is to alter and add content to pages yourself at the click of a simple update button. If you can use Microsoft word or any text editor software then you can use WordPress!

W3C Standards Compliant

Its easier to make your site fully web standards compliant if the platform it is built on is compliant to start with! WordPress follows the latest web standards and rules required to meet the W3C requirements.

SEO Friendly

With content tagging, keyword assistance and SEO extensions then WordPress is a great engine to build your site on to optimise its web performance.


With over 100’000 websites been built on WordPress today, you know you are in good hands and have at your disposal a familiar and always improving tool in a development community.