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WordPress Theme Development

There is a lot of confusion in the website development field over WordPress from a client’s perspective, so let us try and clear up for you what WordPress is and how it can help fulfill your needs.

Before WordPress or other content management systems (CMS’s) came along agencies would build custom websites and website editor tools, or use their own in house developed scripts. These were great for the time, however no one else other than this web development team would understand how it worked and only they could fix or update it. Then along came what are called open source tools, and these included WordPress.

Open source in short means free to use and community driven, and then when setup out of the box it gives you a standard template looking website, with an admin content management log-in allowing you to add pages, news stories and upload your own images and information yourself; pre-developed software providing the blueprint for a range of websites.

Why are we WordPress Theme Developers

WordPress is a tried and tested framework that is consistently updated for new features and to fix any bug or security issues. It is this large community of developers, users and testers that helps ensure its performance and security is always maintained. WordPress is a a very user friendly CMS used by our clients as a platform to support a variety of websites requirements. What we then do is take the plain out of the box WordPress system as a core strong scaffolding for your website foundations and then build on top of this all the new features you need and decorate it accordingly to your design requirements.

WordPress Specialists

With WordPress been so widely available there are A LOT of so called WordPress developers. WordPress is built on PHP which is a very strong website language if used correctly, or a very dangerous in secure language if not used correctly. This is why its important for you to get a development agency that is trained, qualified and experienced in WordPress to ensure the work done for you is safe, efficient and optimized for SEO. We are certified WordPress developers by the ISO 9001 Company Expert Ratings.



So to recap and summarize WordPress offers …

Its configuration allows businesses to extend their digital communication as its flexible framework can be modified and enhanced to suit the requirements of most online business requirements. Its capabilities include;

The CMS will then be completely personalized to suit the needs of brand aesthetics, usability and business requirements.